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Rotting Frontier Dave Atwell

Rotting Frontier

Dave Atwell

Kindle Edition
383 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

You’re bitten. You’re scared, but feel fine. Then the people around you begin to smell sweeter. They smell tasty. You find yourself passing on steak and potatoes. Only one meal will satisfy the urge…human flesh.So you commit the ultimate sin, and you feed. Suddenly, you feel better. A week later, the urge is there again. You commit the heinous act again, and your cognizance returns. As long as you feed you can carry on “normally.”But if your moral standards keep you from feeding, the urge gets stronger. People smell sweeter. People smell tastier. After a week, you begin to twitch, and your thinking is not sound. Two weeks in, your speech is gone, your muscles atrophy, and you’re a drooling mess. If you make it three weeks, you’re just a snarling, shambling animal, driven by the instinct to feed.You have the Hunger.Survival horror meets western expansion in 1866 , as the Hutton family travels west with hopes of a new start. Thomas Hutton, a grower from coastal North Carolina and Civil War veteran wanted to leave behind the misery of the war and reconstruction. He sold everything he had, save a pair of oxen, two horses and a wagon full of supplies. Hutton loaded up his wife and five children and began the long journey to Montana, via the Bozeman Trail. Montana promised gold and the possibility of a new beginning, growing crops.When they reached the Wyoming Territory, theres much more trouble afoot than expected. The Huttons are faced with outlaws, Native American-hunting militiamen, and worst of all...The Hunger.Hope quickly turns into survival instinct, as the Huttons are faced with decisions of life, death, and morality.Is The Hunger a curse or a plague? Theres no time for them to discuss the matter. Their lives take sudden twists and turns, as they make their way through a very uncertain future. All they can do at this point is survive…if they can.