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Evolving Your Spiritual Potential Steven Ellington

Evolving Your Spiritual Potential

Steven Ellington

Published November 25th 2012
Kindle Edition
550 pages
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 About the Book 

“Evolving Your Spiritual Potential” describes one man’s extraordinary spiritual journey with the help of spirit guides one of which was a former RAF flight sergeant who lost his life whilst serving during the Second World War.Not only does this absorbing book offer a fascinating insight into the spirit world, it is also a self help workshop featuring key spiritual disciplines that once realised will enable you to discover what the author calls “Your Own Undistorted Reality” A new inherent awareness that will encourage you to see beyond the restrictive delusional existence which is wrongly perceived as factual and very real concerning your own immediate world and the world in which you live, and what you perceive by way of intuitive comprehension is simply “The Truth”Unique straight forward and inspirational “Evolving Your Spiritual Potential” is an essential guide to the personal spiritual awakening experience.