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This Other Salt Hussein Aamer

This Other Salt

Hussein Aamer

Published May 22nd 2014
ISBN : 9780863567940
275 pages
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 About the Book 

Betrayal, bereavement, exile, belonging ? these are the themes that resonate throughout This Other Salt. A writer, torn between two loves, looks for his lost words in the gaps between memory, mourning and desire in the title story- in ?The Lost Cantos of the Silken TigerOCO a poet revenges herself on her faithless lover by turning their romance into a legend of biblical proportions- and a teenage boyOCOs life uncannily begins to resemble the role he plays in a school operetta in ?The Blue DirectionOCO. Combining satire, legend, poetry, history and memoir, the linked stories of This Other Salt reveal an author of uncommon talent at the height of his craft. ?Extraordinarily controlled, written in a tactile, musical prose, with a very individual sense of beauty. Amit Chaudhuri ?Each story, remarkable in both expansiveness and precision, sings with heartbreak, intelligence and elegy. A stunning collection.OCO Kamila Shamsie ?Poetic perfection ? Drawing on legend, history, memoir, literature and film, HusseinOCOs stories are meant to be cupped in both hands and savoured slowly, like a cup of cardamom chai.OCO Guardian These stories are a treat for readers. Newsline