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Serenity R.E. Taylor


R.E. Taylor

Published March 4th 2014
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 About the Book 

This book is a collection of poems from the lighter and surprisingly very romantic side of this poets nature. It also includes some very amusing reflections on his life as a writer and poet, and his thoughts on family, children, and the stunning beauty of nature and all that surrounds us. As a poet, he reminds us of truths that we all so easily ignore and sometimes even forget. Fortunately this unique and sincere poet reminds us of the great beauty of life. That we find on each page of this intriguing and romantic book of poems. .Included in the poems are his deep personal feelings and thoughts on “love” which includes poems on love lost, love won, and loved longed for. These verses brilliantly provide us with honest and deep Poetic truths. Truths, which set about touching the more romantic side of all of women and men and lifts up onto a higher plane, allowing each one of us, for a brief moment to reflect on our own personal journey of the heart.A Poetry book to treasure throughout the years with full color photographs accompanying each poem giving us a glimpse of the depth felt by the poet in these beautiful and somewhat eclectic soothing verses. “Serenity” a nook of poetry enriching the human spirit and touching deeply into one’s inner core