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Silently Forever (OShaughnessy Saga #1) Dave Gehrke

Silently Forever (OShaughnessy Saga #1)

Dave Gehrke

ISBN : 9781503009462
310 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Cookie O’Shaughnessy is every man’s dream- fashion-model looks, intelligent, entertaining personality and very, very appealing... if you don’t know she’s a brash undercover vice cop armed with a quick temper and a gun.Ignoring departmental protocols, O’Shaughnessy plunges ahead without back-up on an undercover assignment against the Russian mob and endures a sexual assault in order to save herself and another victim. Guilty of violating departmental rules, Cookie is cast aside by the police, leaving her lost in an emotional and mental limbo. Part of her craves revenge, part of her craves vindication and a third more vital part of her psyche wonders if she will ever again be able to trust a man. Despite lengthy counseling, Cookie continues to wrestle with both her identity and her self-worth, trying to find herself as well as her place in the world. With no direction to go, the former vice cop reluctantly agrees to become a private detective and accepts an attempted blackmail case for want of anything better to do.Private Eye O’Shaughnessy plunges into the blackmail investigation with her usual brashness. She travels to Washington, DC, rediscovers an old friend, makes new friends and finds a new love interest. Unfortunately the new love interest is also on her list of blackmail suspects, the old friend has connections to the Russian mob and one of the new friends is a cop who would very much like to bust the Russians. Who can she trust? And how much can she trust them?If her life wasn’t already complicated enough, Cookie bumps into the Russian mobsters who assaulted her. Whether the meeting was by accident or on purpose, the private eye suddenly finds herself doubting everyone including herself. Pushing aside the nightmares that still haunt her, O’Shaughnessy begins planning her revenge against the Russians while still pursuing the blackmailer. But before she can either exact retribution or collar the blackmailer, an attempt is made on her life. Was it the blackmailer? The Russians? Or someone else?With all these twisted relationships swirling about her and with the Russians lying in wait, Cookie slowly comes to the realization the blackmail case isn’t what it was cracked up to be and someone is manipulating her behind the scenes. But who? And for what purpose?Can the former vice cop and emotionally struggling private detective pull herself together long enough to solve the blackmail case, punish the Russians and deal with the new love interest that might help her reclaim her purpose in life? Or is she doomed to be lost? Silently. Forever.